Thursday, May 7, 2015

Digital Nature

Digital Nature Jake Peck

With my continuation of “Log Light” i wanted to push the elements of connection through nature and technology. Within the past decade we have advanced very rapidly in the realm of technology and show no signs of slowing down, with each week comes new technologically advanced products onto shelves. I am curious where we relate nature and technology together and if we do at all.
We have more than likely all seen the cell phone towers “disguised” as trees or other nature like elements and even companies such as Larson Camouflage market themselves as the prevailers of artistries of such technique. I question mankind's coexistence with nature in an influential world of technology and its domination. By no means am i demonizing technology or its base but more so questioning the element of nature and where it fits in a tech advanced world. When we create artificial plants, trees, grass because the element of nature doesn't fit into the world we fit for technology, i question our standing as humans on this fragile planet we seem to find ways of harming. As radio waves permeate our air, studies have found that the detrimental effects it has on certain species of trees and insects are irreversible. In relation, there are concerns of massive die offs of bee colonies around the world and seem to be related to possible electromagnetic radiation associated from electrical power sockets to radio antennas and cell phone base stations. At what cost do we desire to be a technologically advanced species?
With my current work i wanted to speak to how we see ourselves in terms of technology and how we have been advancing from large elements of technology to newer and more sophisticated forms of technology with advanced elements that could be harmful to their environment. We see early on the disguise we use as humans to relate technology to nature, through faux wood paneling as if to encase technology in a corpse of once living nature but now dismantled to its final resting place of a “pretty” coffin for technology. Will we become a world of Matrix confused in a web of wires and breed as power source for our eternal greed and gluttonous desire of new and better technology? Will Digital Nature be the NEW and pretty thing on the shelf to buy?       

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